The Best Winter Skin-Care Routine Ever


All seasons are not created equal, especially when it comes to your skin-care routine. But combating dry winter skin doesn’t have to be so hard. A couple of easy changes to your morning and night routines in the cold weather can yield some pretty supple results. Check it out.

Your A.m. Routine:

1. Moisturize in the shower. After you shower, you have exactly 60 seconds to seal in moisture while the skin is still damp (after that, the dry air causes it to evaporate fast). So, before you step out of the tub, towel off and then slather on lotion liberally. (You could also try an in-shower option.) From there, air-dry away.

2. Don’t forget about face oil. It’s the best defense against dull and dry winter skin since the oil seeps deep below your skin’s surface to hydrate, heal and protect long-term. Apply a light layer to just-washed skin before putting cream on top. (The key to a successful application is to let the face oil dry for a few minutes first.)

3. Put a lip treatment on before lipstick. Dry, flaky lips are the worst, but you can prevent them by gently exfoliating lips with a damp washcloth, then applying a light layer of lip balm (like Aquaphor). Go about your morning routine while you give the treatment about 15 minutes to set. The result? A deeply moisturized surface so lip color goes on smooth.

Your P.m. Routine:

1. Exfoliate twice a week before bed. Moisturizer won’t matter if you don’t first slough off the flaky skin buildup. Make it your routine to exfoliate a couple of times a week before bed with a gentle face scrub (either homemade or from the drugstore).

2. Apply a specialized eye cream. You’re already applying a cream-based moisturizer to your face, but the area around your eyes is extra thin, which means it requires unique attention to stay properly hydrated during the winter months. Just remember--you only need a pea-size amount.

3. Learn to love a humidifier. Hot, dry air zaps moisture and leads to winter itch and rashes (hello, eczema). Running a humidifier in the bedroom while you sleep will soothe skin overnight, so you wake up feeling extra hydrated and refreshed (just be sure to clean it properly!).