18 Winter Skin-Care Products that Will Change Your Life

There's more to it than just moisturizer

Raise your hand if you’ve already got chapped lips. And hands. And cheeks. And…yeah, us too. Luckily, we’re here with plenty of tips to help you remedy the situation. From five winter skin-care fixes to home remedies to must-have products, help is most certainly on the way.


Face Wash

If you only make one change to your winter skin routine, let it be your face wash. Swapping a foaming cleanser for a creamy one is often all it takes to help skin adjust to colder, drier weather.

Bobbi Brown ($28)


Face Cream

The reason heavy-duty creams hydrate dry winter skin better than basic lotions is because the ingredients that make them creamy also form a physical barrier to hold moisture in the skin. And since the sun (yep, even in the gloomy months) compounds dryness, pick one with sunscreen.

Kiehl’s (from $26)


Facial Oil (err, Exfoliator)

Did you know you can use facial oil to exfoliate your skin? Simply rub said oil over skin until flakes come off--and since oil doesn't make skin red the way scrubs can (winter skin rash, ack!), it helps makeup go on better, too.

Olay ($26)


Cold Cream

Now, listen to your grandma and remove that makeup with an age-old trick. Trust us, it’s way more gentle than that remover you’ve been using.

Pond’s ($5)


Moisturizing Body Wash

Duh, right? But an oat-based body wash is a foolproof way to soothe that dreaded winter skin itch. Now, this part may sound a little gross, but if you also stop sudsing areas that don't need it every day (like your arms, legs and stomach), they'll be even less likely to dry out.

Aveeno ($12)


Body Exfoliator

One option is a crazy coffee scrub (which we unabashedly love). But if you’re in the market for a less intense exfoliator, try this guy. It removes dead skin cells without irritation by combining mushroom extract with a gentle skin-polishing scrub.

True Nature Botanicals ($48)


Hard-core Body Cream

Now that your legs are buffed to perfection, slather on a cream that doesn’t mess around. We skip watery generic varieties and reach for a formula that’s meant to treat even the worst cases of eczema or winter skin rash. (PS: That means it's totally safe for sensitive skin.)

First Aid Beauty ($6)


Scalp Treatment

Dandruff happens. And sometimes drugstore shampoos just don’t cut it. Treat your noggin with a heavy-duty scalp mask once a week and your cashmere sweaters will thank you.

Kiehl’s ($20)


Lip Balm

Not interested in getting your fingers slimy? Reach for this non-petroleum intense therapy balm (with SPF 25).

Jack Black ($7)


Lip Scrub

We’re not saying toss your trusty ChapStick. But we are saying maybe remove that flaky, dead skin first--by using a brown-sugar scrub (or just a good old-fashioned washcloth)--then apply your favorite balm (see above).

Fresh ($22)


Cuticle Cream

Lips...check. Scalp...check. Nails...oof. Keep a tub of cuticle cream on your desk or bedside table for touch-ups and hangnail avoidance.

Fig + Yarrow ($20)


All-Over Salve

Use this incredible-smelling salve to help prevent chapped lips, heal cuts, soothe cuticles and aid in moisturizing elbows and knees. You can also use it to highlight cheekbones, tame frizz and unruly eyebrows. Booyah.

Rosebud Perfume Co. ($6)


Tinted Moisturizer

The answer to winter pastiness: Swap your foundation for a tinted moisturizer that makes your complexion look just the right amount of dewy and warms up your skin tone at the same time. Just be cautious and only go a smidge darker (we're talking half a shade, max).

BareMinerals ($29)


Tinted Cushion Compact

Want something you can take on the go? Get on board with the new über-hydrating cushion compact fad.

Amore Pacific ($60)


Facial Brush

Whyyyy are winter breakouts are a thing? Well, because your dry, dead skin is clogging your pores. (Gross but true.) Make sure you’re exfoliating every few days with a scrub cleanser or, better yet, an electronic brush.

Clinique ($89)


Hydrating Mask

Need a serious moisture surge? This puppy goes on like a gel and can either be rinsed off after 30 minutes or (our personal favorite) worn overnight. Pro tip: Apply the mask before traveling to lock in moisture on a particularly arid flight.

Skin Inc. ($75)


Sheet Mask

Need a quick fix? Try a hypoallergenic sheet mask meant to leave your skin feeling clean, hydrated and completely refreshed.

Dr. Jart ($7)


Eye Cream

Who really knows which anti-aging treatment is best? We say: As long as you’re putting something on your peepers at night, you’re ahead of the crow’s-feet game.

Elizabeth Arden ($130)