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Shivering on the sidewalk and then roasting on the subway: Yep, there are some things about NYC winters that are inevitable, but dull, flaky skin doesn’t have to be one of them. Here’s how to defy the odds with six easy things you can do at home (plus one to splurge on). 

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winter skin NY water

Drink More Water

We know—obvious much? But think about it: While you might be more inclined to reach for a hot chocolate (or a hot toddy) when it’s frozen out, your body still needs just as much hydration as it does in the warmer months. Treat yourself to a pretty water bottle for a visual reminder to drink up throughout the day.

winter skin NY sweat
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Get Sweaty

A good, perspiration-inducing workout benefits your skin in two ways: It promotes blood flow (hi, post-yoga glow) and it helps purge your pores of stubborn impurities. Just be sure to wash it all off as promptly as possible afterward.

winter skin NY shower

Shower Less

While you should be upping your water intake internally, you actually want to minimize how often you lather up. Obviously, this comes down to personal preference, but if you’re showering before work and after an evening workout, maybe forgo your morning rinse until spring. And if you feel like skipping a (non-workout) day, we promise no one else will know the difference.

winter skin NY shower oil
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And When You Do, Moisturize

You know that advice to moisturize as soon as you get out of the shower? It works, except when you end up tripping over the bath mat in your haste to beat the clock. Keep a bottle of argan or jasmine oil in the shower and pat some on before toweling off—you’ll get the same moisture-trapping benefits, minus the panic.

winter skin NY cotton balls

Go Waterless

In the same vein, your usual face-washing routine might be overkill. Do a more thorough cleanse at night to remove makeup and environmental pollutants (ew), but bypass the sink in the a.m. in favor of a few swipes of micellar water (which, despite the name, is very different from the H2O that comes out of the tap).

winter skin NY avocado mask

Raid Your Kitchen

Try this easy DIY face mask: Mix a few scoops of avocado with a spoonful of yogurt and a squeeze of honey. The lactic acid in the yogurt helps dissolve built-up dead skin, which lets the avocado’s nourishing fatty acids really soak in. And honey has both antibacterial and healing properties, helping to calm any breakouts or irritation.

winter skin NY heyday facial

Enlist a Professional

Sometimes all the avocado masks in the world can?t help you. Even if facials aren?t usually part of your skin-care routine, a professional-grade treatment can work wonders as a pick-me-up for problematic winter skin. We love the gentle, customized treatments at Heyday?including one quick enough to fit into your lunch hour. 

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