How to Master Winged Eyeliner, According to a Celeb Makeup Artist

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Painting jet-black wings onto our lids shortly after rolling out of bed is no easy task. (We’re less Picasso and more Pollock with the eyeliner brush.) But with crisp white cat eyes and graphic neon looks heating up this season, we’re eager to sharpen our winged eyeliner skills.

On the latest episode of “The Glow Up,” PureWow beauty director Jenny Jin calls upon celebrity makeup artist (and eyeliner magician) Katie Jane Hughes to help us out. And, no surprise here, we’ve all been making the same mistakes when drawing our lines. The first, Hughes points out, is pulling our lids taut or lifting our brows before application.

“I always look straight into a mirror with my eyes completely soft and relaxed,” Hughes explains. This gives a clear picture of how the eyeliner will look when we step away from the mirror. The beauty pro says if we stretch the eye upward while sketching, the shape we’ve created may shift or completely disappear under our lid. (Been there.)

The tip we’ll be using most, though, is how to erase all those uneven lines, lopsided wings and splotches. To clean things up, Hughes reaches for a flat shadow brush, which she dips into a liquid makeup remover. Then, she simply glides it along any wayward strokes.

Want to know how to angle your pen to form an easy feline flick? Or whether to choose pencil or liquid liner? Hughes walks us through her winged eyeliner tutorial and corrects all of our mishaps in this week’s episode.

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