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Powder Cleanser Is Our New Skin-Care Obsession
Honest Beauty

Hey, beauty nerds: Have you tried powder cleansers? They’ve been around for a while, but somehow we’ve only recently had our eyes opened to their magic. Here’s the deal:

What they are: Pretty much what they sound like: facial cleansers that start out as superfine powders but turn into liquid with the addition of water. Since powder cleansers don’t require the same preservatives as liquid cleansers, they’re often made with more natural ingredients.

How they’re different: Well, aside from the obvious, they also exfoliate much more gently than some liquid counterparts, meaning your face will feel soft but not raw. You can customize the level of exfoliation depending on how much water you mix in. (Less water makes a stronger scrub.)

Who makes them: Lots of brands have powder cleansers in their repertoires, but we’re partial to Peter Thomas Roth’s Camu Camu Powder ($26), Honest Beauty’s Refreshingly Clean Powder Cleanser ($22) and Biore’s Baking Soda Powder Cleanser ($8).

When you’ll really fall in love with them: The first time you throw them in your carry-on luggage. No liquid means no liquid limit to worry about. Score.

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