What Is Pinpoint Concealing? (And Why It's Particularly Helpful If You Have Freckles)

Lately we've been hearing a lot of talk about "pinpoint" or "micro-" concealing and we were curious so we asked around. Apparently, it's the preferred technique for the pros (so, soon to be you) for the most natural-looking coverage.

What exactly is it? According to Mario Dedivanovic (aka MakeupbyMario), it's when you "apply as little product as possible and only where you really need it. This is ideal for covering a pimple or redness (or freckles) without having to put on a full face of foundation."

How do you do it? Simply apply a small dot of concealer over any areas of discoloration on your face (typically, this includes the skin underneath your eyes, around the nose and any other specific area you want to target, like a blemish) and gently buff it out with a brush or finger. The result is a nearly natural look that covers what needs to be covered while the rest of the product disappears into the skin. Sign us up.

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