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We thought we’d seen it all: peel-off eye shadow, breast-milk facials, mustache masks. That is, until we heard the words “leg contouring.” Here’s what the hell it means (so you can judge for yourself). 

What is it? Similar to facial contouring (using bronzer and highlighter to “sculpt” your features), the thigh-and-calf version uses self-tanner, bronzer and highlighter to “chisel” legs.

How does it work? Using these products, Instagram makeup artists fake the appearance of thinner thighs, stronger calves, longer shins…you get the idea.

So, who’s ready to try it out? Eh, we’re gonna stick to shaving and, like, maybe tinted lotion if we’re feeling energetic. But more power to you if you wanna give leg contouring a go. Just don’t be offended if someone call you “extra” because of it. 

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