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How $20 Hair Perfume Can Lift Your Spirits, Every Day
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You’re in the shower, procrastinating shaving your legs by reading the labels on your products and musing about how incredible your hair smells post-shampoo. An hour later, you remember the scent, a perfect blend of florals and citrus and general happiness. You take a whiff of your strands and…nothing. (Not to mention the days you don’t even wash your hair at all.)

If only your hair could smell as great all the time as it does right after you wash it. Oh wait, it can, thanks to a little thing called hair perfume. If you haven’t tried it, you must.

You’re probably thinking, But PureWow, can’t I just use my regular perfume? That’s a wonderful question, dear reader, but most perfumes contain alcohol, which, when sprayed on your locks, dries them out. Hair perfumes, on the other hand, don’t contain alcohol but are enriched with vitamins and other ingredients that help strengthen and protect. 

Another plus is that hair perfume is often much more affordable than the regular stuff. So basically, if you don’t want to splurge on a full-size Byredo Gypsy Water perfume ($240), you might feel more comfortable shelling out $62 for Gypsy Water hair fragrance. (Don’t worry: Other brands like Sachajuan and Fekkai have their own versions for even less—like $20.)

Is hair perfume an essential beauty product you can’t live without? No. Is it a small pleasure that will make you smile every time you turn a corner or, frankly, give a little sass? You bet. 

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