Walmart Just Launched a New All-Natural Skin Care Line and Everything Is Under $10

It’s no secret that slathering synthetic chemicals onto the skin does damage, even if the product in question says it’ll improve your complexion. Parabens (preservatives), sulfates (detergents), petroleum jellies and gluten are often found in everyday skin care products. The frustrating thing is that many clean brands that forgo all those nasty ingredients are crazy expensive. 

Luckily, more and more skin care companies are starting to develop clean formulas that don’t cost more than rent in Manhattan. Enter Earth to Skin, Walmart’s new all-natural skin care line that conveniently targets specific skin issues through four delicious collections. And it all costs less than $10 per product. Heaven? Have we arrived?


Super Greens: Detox

The Super Greens collection is meant to detox skin and douse it with vitamin-rich formulas for ultimate nourishment. Each product harnesses the powerful antioxidants (along with vitamins A, C and K) found in broccoli, cucumber and kale to counteract environmental factors that wear down our skin daily. The Cucumber Jelly Mask ($7) reduces inflammation and brings skin back to a healthy pH balance (meaning your skin is at its best, ready to combat acne, dryness and swelling). 

Use the hydrating Nourishing Face Cleanser ($7) to wash away the mask, then follow up with both the Nourishing All Over Serum ($9) and the Nourishing Night Gel Cream ($9). A few drops of the serum go a long way, and the formula is mild enough to use both morning and night. The aloe vera in the night gel cream—and in the Nourishing Day Gel Cream ($9)—works wonders on stressed-out aging skin. 

Top everything off with a dab of the Nourishing Eye Cream ($9), rich with squalane (an intense moisturizing oil that wriggles deep into the skin to hydrate), aloe and jojoba oil.

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Super Fruits: Radiance

Anyone interested in glowing skin and a bright complexion should line up right here. The Super Fruits collection is all about getting a buoyant glow. Start off with the Blueberry Exfoliating Cleanser ($7), an invigorating sugar-based scrub that washes away dirt and oil and drenches skin in vitamin C and glycerin, which has moisturizing properties. A few pumps of the Watermelon All Over Serum ($9), brimming with vitamins C and B6, will leave skin soft, smooth and prepped for the Brightening Citrus Day Gel Cream ($9). This day cream enhances the skin’s radiance with lemon peel oil, squalane and glycerin. It’s also lightweight, which makes layering makeup and SPF a cinch.

For dark-circle sufferers, a few dabs of the Banana Brightening Eye Cream ($9) works wonders. Banana and mango extracts tackle puffy under-eye areas with vitamins A, B, C and E, along with shea butter.

As if these products weren’t enough to achieve your ideal glow, Super Fruits also offers Watermelon Sheet Masks ($7) and an Avocado Overnight Mask ($7).

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Tea Time: Anti-aging

No beauty line can forgo an anti-aging element, and Tea Time is Earth to Skin’s offering. Tea is a gentle yet effective herbal ingredient that both tightens and soothes aging skin. The Anti-Aging White Tea Face Cleanser ($7) shrinks pores, detoxes and hydrates with the power of white tea leaves. Infused with mushroom extract, both the Anti-Aging White Tea Day Cream ($9) and the Anti-Aging Green Tea Toner ($7) spur cell turnover, which means more luminous skin over time. 

Black tea extract and hydrating squalane prevail in the Anti-Aging Black Tea Night Cream ($9) and the Anti-Aging All Over Serum ($9). The Anti-Aging Chamomile Eye Cream ($9) contains—you guessed it—chamomile tea for its anti-inflammatory properties and jojoba oil for diminishing fine lines.

Need to feel rejuvenated in a pinch? Sit with one of these matcha or black tea Anti-Aging Sheet Masks ($7) for a quick pick-me-up.

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Honey: Calming

Sensitive skin can be a nightmare, especially if you’ve been using products with synthetic ingredients for a while. We urge you to take a sweet tour of these clean honey-based products, like the Manuka Calming Face Cleanser ($7). Manuka honey (harvested from a tree, not bees) and glycerin draw water into the skin and keep your face hydrated all day long. 

Applying the Manuka All Over Serum ($9) and the Manuka Day Gel Cream ($9) will drench your skin in hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture. Vitamin E and panthenol (a provitamin of vitamin B5) give your skin baby-soft texture. 

Before going to bed, try a Royal Jelly Sheet Mask ($7) to soothe irritation and some Manuka Night Cream ($9) to rejuvenate tired skin. The night cream contains macadamia nut oil, so your skin will get a healthy dose of omega-9 fatty acids and vitamin D.

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