Tyla-Lauren Gilmore

Meet the beauty influencer inspiring others to go natural with their curls

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Fresh out of college and after decades of straightening her hair, Tyla-Lauren Gilmore decided to reclaim her roots and go natural in 2015, documenting her transition on Instagram and Youtube along the way. What began as a personal journey quickly transformed into a social movement—and a full-time job—thanks to her authentic posts encouraging women to feel proud of their bodies, their hair and whatever else sets them apart.

Since embracing her curls, Tyla-Lauren has gained next-level confidence and now works to coach other beauty gurus to do the same. “I want to help women embrace their natural self and show them how to look their best for less,” she says. “That’s what inspires me to create content every day.”

On her perfect day in New York. “I’d go thrift shopping at consignment stores in Williamsburg, eat southern food and take tons of pictures with my friends.”

On what motivates her work. “My followers! When I first started out I was unsure if I should continue, but after a young girl from Puerto Rico reached out to tell me how much I inspired her and helped her go natural, I knew I couldn't stop.”

On her must-have beauty product. “Vaseline. I can’t live without it. It’s on my lips, elbows and eyebrows. I even use it to remove my makeup.”

On the best piece of advice she’s ever received. “To always put myself first. When I was younger I was so concerned about pleasing others that I lost sight of myself. Now that I'm older, I know how to prioritize what I need.”

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