This Hilarious Little Tool Holds Your Nail Polish

Hear us out--it's actually useful

Whether you’re a “clipped and clear coat” kind of gal or a “more is more” nail-art fiend, most of us are obsessed with our nails to some degree. So you can imagine our excitement over a weird little tool that helps us in the ever-long quest to master the at-home mani.

Enter the Tweexy: the wearable nail polish holder ($15) that bears a strong resemblance to a Ring Pop and is way more useful than you might initially think.

The silicone ring expands to fit your first few fingers--and any size bottle. Just put it on and plop the bottle into the bowl-shaped “crown” to hold it steady while you paint. To switch hands without nicking your polish, pull the tabs on either side of the ring to slide that sucker right off. (There are also rubber grips that line the bottom of the holder that make it easier to open stubborn bottle caps.)

So, do we neeeeed a ring-like nail polish holder in our life? Probably not. But do we far more enjoy painting our own nails now? Absolutely.

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