JB Lacroix/Getty Images

The One Thing You’re Forgetting to Do Before Applying False Eyelashes

We’re convinced that long, full eyelashes are the secret to a stunning look. (Just ask J.Lo. and every red-carpet appearance she’s ever made.) While most lash gurus have tried every trick in the book to make falsies appear as natural as possible, there’s really one simple thing you can do at home to get them damn near perfect. Every single time. And lucky for you, it takes zero effort or skill. 

Here’s the deal: Before applying your lashes, bend them slightly a few times, so they curve better to your eye shape. You can use an eyelash curler, or if you trust yourself, bend them with your fingers. Just don’t press down too hard; you could create a harsh angle and possibly even breakage.

We’re not saying you’ll never consider long-term lash extensions again, but if you’re looking for a quick lash upgrade, this hack is for you. Jenny from the block would approve.

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