The Most Asked Beauty Questions, Answered

For the uninitiated, knowing which beauty products to buy and how or when to use them can be a daunting task; heck, it’s pretty confusing to navigate as someone who works in the industry. The science and technology are constantly changing and there are so many variables to consider—especially when it comes to skin care.

Over the seven years that I’ve been a beauty editor, I’ve been asked many questions, but there are a few that come up over and over again like, "What should I look for in a foundation?" And more recently, "What the heck is an essence, and where does it fit into my routine—if at all?"

In this episode, I sit down with two of my colleagues to answer these questions and more. We’re just skimming the surface here, so if you have any pressing questions you’d like answered, leave them in the comments section. (And if you ever just want to talk about beauty, my DMs are always open @jyjin.) Thank you so much for watching.

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Jenny Jin

Beauty Director

Jenny Jin is PureWow’s Beauty Director and is currently based in Los Angeles. Since beginning her journalism career at Real Simple magazine, she has become a human encyclopedia of...
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