Meghan Markle’s Favorite Skin-Care Brand Just Launched a Vitamin C Serum

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tatcha violet c serum

Confession: Meghan Markle has a bit of a Regina George grasp on me. Only instead of influencing me to wear army pants and flip-flops, MM inspires all of my beauty purchases. I will buy any lash serum she uses and try any under-eye brightener she praises if it means a royal glow will ensue. Enter Tatcha, the cult-favorite beauty brand that, yes, counts the Duchess of Sussex as a fan.

She uses the Rice Enzyme Powder for its gentle exfoliation every single day. And now I do, too. So when the Japanese brand rolled out a new serum earlier this year, you know I had to get my hands on it, stat.

Tatcha’s Violet-C Brightening Serum is packed with 20 percent vitamin C, one of the highest concentrations on the market—considering most others have only 10 to 15 percent. It has a very thin, almost watery consistency that goes on clear (despite the “violet” in its name), so the serum feels light as a feather to apply and sinks easily into skin. Bonus: It doesn’t smell remotely like hot dog water or Fanta like, ahem, some other vitamin C concoctions. But what makes Tatcha’s version really stand out is its two-part ability to treat both surface-level and deep-rooted concerns.

The water-soluble derivative (also dubbed moisturizing vitamin C) absorbs quickly into skin to help fight the signs of aging from free radicals, while supporting cell turnover for firmer, hydrated skin. The oil-soluble component sinks down into skin to remain active longer, helping to protect skin from oxidation and reduce UV damage for a brighter complexion over time.

Tatcha could have left the formula at that, but it went the extra step and added mild fruit AHAs to resurface dull, uneven skin, and Japanese Angelica Root, which works under the skin’s surface level to reduce the look of dark spots, discoloration and post-acne scarring. That means brighter, more even-toned skin without any harsh skin-lightening ingredients.

The verdict? After using this serum daily for the past three weeks, my skin feels unbelievably smooth. I almost couldn’t stop touching it and, honestly, that glow! Even the Queen of England would want to compliment my complexion, that is, if we ever happened to cross paths. Then it hit me: It’s the Violet-C Brightening Serum.

Am I Meghan Markle yet? Not yet, but thanks to Tatcha, I’m basically one British prince away from it. Now that's fetch.

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