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You know what would go perfectly with your new summer frocks? An equally breezy manicure. Here are nine nail-art ideas that will keep you looking polished through multiple trips to the beach and beyond (and also pair well with ice-cream cones and social-media feeds).

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A Ray of Sunshine

A simple pop of yellow at the base of your nails is cheery without being overpowering (or “extra,” as the kids say).

Calming Combos

Prefer something a bit mellower? Try two colors in complementary shades (like lavender and cobalt—or rust and pink) to create a soft contrast.

Palm Fronds

And you said you didn’t have a green thumb...jokes aside, the palm frond trend of 2016 is still going strong. Pair a few illustrations with a neutral base for a seamless grow-out.

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Cloud-Like Squiggles

Inspired by Matisse (and contour drawings), this artsy print is easy to DIY as imprecision is highly encouraged.

Abstract Angles

Soften the sharpness of the angles by using a lighter palette. We’re really into muted pinks and blues at the moment. 

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Wavy Patterns

Sort of looks like a melting popsicle—or a riptide, depending on the colors you choose.

A Flash of Silver

A swipe of metallic here and there will make your nails glint in the sunlight.

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Seashell Accent

Or try painting a sliver of iridescent polish along the curve of your nails to evoke the glimmering surface of an abalone shell. Tip: Paint it over a black or navy base so it really shines.

Groovy Lines

A perfect complement to all of the '70s fashion trends we're rocking now (like floaty maxis and oversize aviators), this fun design is also incredibly elongating on your tips.

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