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Once temperatures start rising to obscene heights, the last thing you want to do is spend any time on your hair. A blowout that will become a sweaty, frizzy disaster the second you step outside? No, thanks. High ponies, braids and bandannas all tested on our favorite celebs? That’s better.


Rihanna's wild ponytail

It’s one of our goals in life to be even a fraction as cool as Rihanna, and this hairstyle is completely doable for normal gals. Gather hair into a pony right on the top of your scalp and pull it tight so that your ends drape all over the place. The beauty of this style is that it looks just as great with loose waves like Rihanna’s as it does with straight strands.


Chrissy Teigen's braided ponytail

Talk about girl crushes. Teigen’s French-braid-ponytail hybrid is fun and, more importantly, totally off the back of her neck and out of her face. To copy the look, French braid just the top part of your hair before tying it in a tousled pony. Seal the deal by wrapping a few strands to cover your hair tie and fasten it down a bobby pin.


Priyanka Chopra's simple top knot

Sometimes, especially in the middle of the summer, simplicity trumps all. Smooth your hair into a high ponytail, whip it into a bun and pin in down with a few U-shaped pins. There’s no need to be too precious about it. If you notice, Chopra’s bun has a few flyaways so it looks like she didn’t try too hard in the best way.


Jessica Chastain's voluminous but low ponytail

Oh, Jessica Chastain, how do we worship thee? While we might not have her stunningly colored locks, we can definitely get behind the idea of a tousled, rich ponytail. It’s slightly messy on purpose, meaning that even if you’ve got sweat dripping down your neck, it totally looks like you wanted your hair to look that way.


Gigi Hadid's braided bun

Princess goals. Gigi’s slicked-back ponytail was braided and then spiraled into a ballerina bun (before, it seems, someone picked out a few of the sections for a messier look). The result is both chic and unexpected.


Cara Delevingne's bandanna and ponytail

Repeat after us: Hair accessories are so much more than Blair Waldorf’s headbands. A colorful bandanna keeps baby hairs pushed back, absorbs sweat (it happens) and adds a cool vibe to an otherwise plain pony.


Zendaya's baseball cap

Sometimes, though, you’re just having a bad hair day. On those days, when all else fails, tie your hair in a low bun or ponytail, throw on a sporty cap and pray you look as put-together as Zendaya. 

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