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The Internet loves to lay claim to all kinds of out-there beauty trends. But not all are quite practical for everyday life. (Looking at you, diamond nails.) Thankfully this summer's nail art du jour is pared down and approachable with just the right amount of spunk. Introducing mismatched manicures—meaning you use a uniform design but ever so slightly change up each nail. Here are six ways to test drive the style. 

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Mismatch the Shapes

Ease into the trend and keep one element of the design consistent throughout (in this case, the black base) and just alternate the shapes on top of that.

Switch Up the Lines

Or keep the overall design the same and try adding some different lines as accents.

Vary Your Placement

You can also keep the actual design the same for all ten fingers, but switch up where the elements go.

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Stick to a Seasonal Theme

Have a tropical vacation coming up? Try a festive design to match.

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Or Pick a Timeless One

Like this zodiac-inspired design. Also, notice how even though the signs themselves are scattered, the colors and spacing keep it clean overall? That’s the key to (ahem) nailing this trend.

Freehand Your Own Design

A few loose lines here and there still feels fun and fresh. And you can vary the intensity of the look—depending on your nail length.

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