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Growing out your bangs can be a total nightmare. (How are they always at such an awkward length?) Even if you’re not growing them out, sometimes you just want to switch things up and try a new style. Instead of pushing back your fringe with a headband again, opt for one of these fun looks instead.

Smoothed to the Sides: Part your bangs in line with your natural part. Next apply a bit of styling paste to each side to smooth them down, so the shorter hairs fit right in with the rest of your mane.

Pinned in Place: Brush your fringe to the side and pin in place with a series of bobby pins. Have fun with a color that pops against your hair and don’t worry about keeping each pin in line with the next (perfect is boring anyway).

Tightly Twisted: Using just a touch of styling paste, part one end of your fringe into two equal parts. Twist one side over the other, adding more hair from the front as you go. Once all of the short hairs have been incorporated, pin the twist in place with bobby pins.

Bang styling: We got you covered. Bang-growth patience: You’ll have to figure that out yourself.

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Additional Reporting by Abby Hepworth

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