8 Fresh Nail-Art Ideas to Test-Drive ASAP

Guys, it’s almost spring (inevitable April blizzard notwithstanding). Swap the gloves for something a little more fun: These nail trends—including one inspired by a certain record-breaking movie—are just what your hands have been waiting for.

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Sporty Stripes

We have a sudden urge to rock a sweatband and some jogging shorts.

Where to get it: Valley

Panther Claws

Wakanda forever. (Or in this case, two chip-free weeks.)

Where to get it: Marie Nails

Minimalist Reverse Moons

We’ll make an exception to our “positive vibes only” mantra for a little negative space.

Where to get it: Paintbucket

Hologram Shards

If this is what the nails of the future look like, beam us up.

Where to get it: Vanity Projects

Diagonal Dips

(Insert Star Wars joke about light breaking through the dark side.)

Where to get it: Paintbox

Diamond Borders

An optical illusion that elongates our hands? Yes, please.

Where to get it: Bisou

Rainbow Moons

We take our manicures like we take our coffee: mostly black.

Where to get it: Marie Nails

Envelope Tips

Perfectly crisp and sharp—sans the paper cuts.

Where to get it: Studio L