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Face masks sound like a good idea…until you factor in all that time it takes to apply, absorb and clean off the stuff. (Also, how does it always get stuck in your hairline?) So when we heard about splash masks from Blithe, a Korean beauty brand known for its multitasking products, we were pretty excited to try them out as they promised to deliver similarly glowing results in seconds.

What it is: It looks like a bottle of toner (or let’s be real, juice), but it’s actually a potent face mask that you pat into skin to activate.

What you do: The packaging recommends diluting a capful of liquid into a bowl of water before patting it on your face. But for an even easier application, keep the bottle in your shower and use it the same way, but with half a capful instead (since you’re no longer diluting the formula beforehand). Rinse off and admire your fresh-faced complexion in the mirror.

Why it works: Each bottle is packed with ingredients like lactic acid and glycerin that work to dissolve dead cells and boost moisture upon contact, leaving you with noticeably brighter and softer skin—in a fraction of the time.

You can choose from three formulas (Rejuvenating Purple Berry, Energizing Citrus & Honey and Soothing & Healing Green Tea), but we’re partial to the citrus one to help wake us up on sleepy mornings.

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