How to Double the Effectiveness of a Sheet Mask

sheet mask

After a long day, we look forward to our nightly sheet mask (almost) more than a glass of Pinot. And we were fairly certain we had the whole thing down pat, including the obligatory selfie. Until we learned this game-changing secret that basically doubles any mask’s effectiveness. (Yes, way.)

Here’s the scoop:

Next time you slap on a sheet mask, let it sit for half the amount of time. Let’s say it's a 20-minute mask; once you hit that ten-minute mark, peel it off, flip it over and place it back on your face for the remaining time.

Why this doubles its effectiveness:

A sheet mask has two perfectly good, serum-saturated sides, so why not reap the benefits of both? By flipping the mask halfway through, you’re adding a double dose of all that complexion-enhancing goodness, instead of just tossing it in the trash.

Genius, right?

It works wonders on any skin type, but sensitive or irritated skin will especially benefit from the extra boost of hydration and the added cooling sensation (it feels kind of like flipping your pillow over in the middle of the night).

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