I’m Beyond Obsessed with This $7 Scalp Massager from Amazon

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Showering has always been a bit of a project for me. I’ve had long, curly (read: knot-prone) hair basically my entire life and comb it through with conditioner while showering instead of once I’m dried off. So, it’s always been more of a neck-breaking hassle than a time to soak up the steam and relax. But this cheap Amazon scalp massager gave me something to look forward to.

It’s equipped with an easy-to-hold handle and soft, uneven, thick silicone bristles. Scrubbing with it not only gives your head a deep clean, but it also promotes blood flow to your scalp, which can strengthen your roots and even alleviate hair loss. You can apparently use it on dry or wet hair no matter your hair type (or even use it exclusively to destress), but I’m married to using it when I shampoo.

I’ve been using the massager for a few months and am very much a believer in its magic. First and foremost, it feels freakin’ *amazing* on your scalp. The best comparison I can think of is cleaning your ears with a cotton swab; it’s like the skin is so rarely touched that once it is, it’s inexplicably soothing and gratifying. It’s similar to the intense wash you get at the salon before a haircut, only times 100.

The hair at the top of my head also feels way cleaner and softer than it did before using the massager. If you have an issue with occasional buildup on your scalp like me (curly girls who use multiple products to de-frizz and define are sometimes more prone), this massager will have your head looking squeaky clean in no time. My only complaints? I wish it was available in more colors and that it came with a stand, maybe one that suctions to the wall or shower door. But those cons pale in comparison to the pros.

The biggest plus of all might be that it doesn’t further tangle your hair the way you might expect. My biggest initial worry was that scrubbing would create new knots, but that ended up being far from the case. In fact, I’m convinced that my hair is somehow more resistant to knotting now that I’ve been using the massager for a while…but who knows, maybe I’m just a woman in love.

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