The Red Carpet Trick to Making Your Curls Last

Want defined curls that will last you twice (nay, thrice) as long? Try this Hollywood-approved trick the next time you get ready.

What you need: A set of metal duckbill clips and ten minutes of your time.

What you do: As you curl your hair by section, immediately clip each coil to your head, let them sit there until they're completely cool to the touch. Repeat all over. Once things have cooled, remove the clips (starting with the ones you put in first) and gently tousle the curls with your fingers to break them apart. Remember: You want them to look a little over-curled to start because they will loosen up as the day goes on.

In a rush? You can speed things up by blasting the clipped curls with the cold shot button on your blow-dryer. OK, now hit it with some texturizing spray and go seize the day, ladies.