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Maybe you’ve started to notice a few more strands than usual falling out in the shower. Maybe you’ve been struggling with hair loss for years now. Whatever the case, we’re willing to bet you want some of that old bounce and volume back on top. (We would know; we’re in the same thin-haired boat.) Well, these six products have not only been proven scientifically to work, but they all have stellar reviews from real women who’ve tried and tested them, too. Read on to see which one might be the best solution to your particular hair woes.

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nioxin kit replenishing thinning hair products for women

Nioxin System 2 Starter Kit

A three-step set designed to be used daily, Nioxin’s kit purports to build denser-looking hair with the help of cysteine amino acids. The first two products are designed to replace your normal shampoo and conditioner while the third is a leave-in that also contains SPF15 sunscreen for added scalp protection. Note: Some reviewers with sensitive skin recommended alternating between Nioxin and your usual shower products each day to avoid irritation.

Nioxin ($44)

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sachajuan replenishing thinning hair products for women
David Pirrotta

Sachajuan Hair Control Treatment

This naturally focused formula uses Procapil to target and block the hormone DHT, one of the main causes of alopecia, and improve the health of your scalp. Simply massage the treatment into the roots of your hair each morning and evening, and over time you should see not only an increase in hair growth but improved quality of your hair overall.

Sachajuan ($60)

fig   yarrow replenishing thinning hair products for women
Fig + Yarrow

Fig + Yarrow Hair + Scalp Tonic

This organic oil is probably best suited to those looking for a solution to light hair loss. The formula uses horsetail, rosemary, burdock root and nettles along with a combination of essentials oils all proven to naturally enhance hair growth while improving overall health.

Fig + Yarrow ($34)

rogaine replenishing thinning hair products for women

Women’s Rogaine Once-A-Day Minoxidil Foam

Perhaps the best-known hair-loss solution out there, Rogaine offers a few different options specifically designed for women. We’re a fan of this particular foam because it needs to be applied only once a day, making it an excellent choice for busy women (so basically everyone). The active ingredient, minoxidil, has been shown to not only encourage more hair production but can actually cause your hair to grow in thicker and stronger as well.

Rogaine ($38)

ouai replenishing thinning hair products for women

OUAI Thinning Hair Supplement

You can purchase this once-daily pill as either a 30- or 90-day pack. The key active ingredients are Biotin, MSM and amino acids, all of which have shown to be effective in boosting hair growth, specifically for women. Because it’s taken orally instead of topically, you might experience an uptick in hair growth all over your body, which is something to consider.

OUAI ($28)

david mallett replenishing thinning hair products for women
David Pirrotta

David Mallett Spray No. 2: Le Volume

Short term, this weightless spray will help amp up the volume while adding a silky shine, unlike many dry shampoos and voluminizers, which often leave behind residue that’s easily visible through thin strands. Long term, however, it actually encourages hair regeneration and strengthens your locks to prevent further damage or breakage.

David Mallett ($40)

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