Cocokind’s Priscilla Tsai Is Challenging the Beauty Industry's Messaging That We’re ‘Not Enough’

There’s a Korean saying that roughly translates to “you can know ten things about something by looking at just one of them.” It’s an imperfect translation, as these things often are, but it’s the exact phrase that came to mind after I spoke with Priscilla Tsai.

Tsai is the founder of Cocokind, which has quickly cemented its status as one of the buzziest skincare brands to emerge over the past few years. Known for its affordable and effective formulas, Cocokind, which launched in 2014, is heralded by its loyal community of users for championing self-acceptance, no matter what’s happening with your complexion. As stated on the brand’s site: “We know from experience that skincare goes way beyond our physical skin. We want to help you strengthen that voice in your head that reminds you that you are enough, just as you are.”

After talking to Tsai about her own journey to this point, I can see her imprint throughout every aspect of the brand. To understand Tsai is to understand ten things about Cocokind.