My Favorite Ulta Product of All Time Costs $4

lip liner hero

Back in September, our fabulous senior beauty editor Jenny Jin wrote a story about the resurgence of lip liner.

As a child of the ‘90s, I was hesitant. Then…I tried it.

Since I wasn’t sure about the whole thing, I opted for an affordable liner that I wouldn’t mind tossing in the event of a total faux pas.

I wiggled over to Ulta and settled on the NYX Slim Lip Pencil in fuchsia. The cost? A whole $3.99.

You guys. I’m obsessed.

I don’t just use it for the perimeter of my lips; I use it in place of lipstick. First, I follow my lip line all the way around, then fill everything in with a light-ish layer of the same pencil. Then, I smear some Vaseline on top of the whole situation before going back in with the pencil to even it all out.

Considering how affordable it is, I was expecting the quality to be less than ideal. Au contraire: It lasts for hours and hours and goes on really smoothly. The combination of the liner and the balm looks slightly more undone (in a good way) than a liner-lipstick combo would, and it costs maybe $8.

If you’re searching for a way to switch up your look without spending a ton of money, look no further.

The only problem is choosing between the 32 colors Ulta currently has in stock.

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