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For all the time we spend looking forward to summer, we somehow conveniently forget about one crucial detail: that it can be kind of sweaty and gross. You may not be able to avoid the swelter entirely (without skipping town, anyway), but a few key products will get you through the day at least looking like you don’t mind the heat.

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NY summer survival kit LIST 1

Non-Greasy Sunscreen

No, you can’t use skyscraper shade as an excuse not to protect your skin. Swipe on a lightweight SPF, like Glossier’s Invisible Shield.

Post-Sun Moisturizer

Even so, there’s always a chance you’ll catch more rays than intended. Soothe parched skin with a coconut-aloe blend.

NY summer survival kit LIST 2

Backup Deodorant

We’ve all had that awkward moment when we’re headed out for the evening and realize that deodorant we applied at 8 a.m has given up on life. Make sure you have a spare stick in your purse. 

Chafe Shield

Another stick not to live without? This friction-reducing wonder that keeps thighs from chafing when you’re wearing a sundress. (Trust us, it’s a lifesaver.)

NY summer survival kit LIST 3

(Highly) Waterproof Mascara

Most so-called smudge-proof formulas are no match for a muggy day in NYC. Grab one of these tried-and-true tubes to ensure the mascara actually stays on your lashes. (Bonus: You can totally jump in the pool if you feel like it.)

Dryer Sheets

Heading to an especially leafy back garden around dusk? If you’re not keen on smelling like eau de bug spray, stick a dryer sheet in your pocket to fend off mosquitoes.

NY summer survival kit LIST 4

Dry Shampoo at Night

Despite your hardworking window AC, night sweats are inevitable. If you’re not planning to wash your hair in the morning, give your strands a spritz before bedtime to minimize the damage while you sleep.

Humidity-Fighting Products During the Day

Fine-haired ladies should try a weightless, oil-infused spray, while curly- and coarse-haired gals can smooth on a hydrating oil to create a barrier against the moisture in the air.

NY summer survival kit LIST 5

Killer Sunglasses

Ideally a not-too-pricey pair you won’t worry about if you accidentally leave them at Fort Tilden.

NY summer survival kit LIST 6

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