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Ponytails are about as easy as a hairdo comes. But they can also be about as boring as a hairdo comes. Luckily, the fix is simple: Add a twist here or an extra elastic there and you’ve got yourself a whole new look.

A Loose, Knotted Pony

Whereas a low-slung pony on its own could look unpolished, the single knot makes it look cool and intentional.

A Sleek, Wrapped Pony

If you ever doubted that a ponytail could look elegant, here is proof that it absolutely can.

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A Quasi-Braided Pony

Prefer something a bit softer? A pulled-apart pony is less severe than a French braid and not as fussy as a chignon.

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A Side-Braided Pony

If you have shorter strands (or lots of layers), braid the front and side pieces into the rest of your hair to get them out of your face.

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A Bubble Pony

This runway creation is as easy as it gets. All you need is five minutes and a few extra hair ties.

A Pineapple Pony

A pineapple ponytail is a workhorse style for curly ladies because it takes the hair off of your neck (and out of the way), while still preserving the shape of your ringlets. 

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A Topsy (Turvy) Tail

Raise your hand if this was your favorite hairstyle as a kid. Good news: It’s still cool as an adult. (In fact, you can still buy the little plastic loop to get the tail just right.)

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