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Breaking News: Tattooed Eyebrows Can Now Look Totally Natural

You've probably heard of eyebrow tattooing--and it likely conjures up images of your dear aunt who got her freakish arches done in the '80s. However, there's a new, more natural way to do it--that also only lasts a few years, should shape trends change. 

What it is: It's called microblading, and scary name aside, it's actually pretty amazing. This semi-permanent service is fairly painless (thanks to numbing cream) and involves a small blade (or if it sounds a tad less intimidating--a tiny needle) that is used to meticulously paint on individual hairs to fill out and shape your brows. The process typically takes between one to two hours to complete, and the results are surprisingly feathered and lush.

Why it's better: While brow powders and pencils do a great job at faking fullness and defining arches, it can be a time-consuming process to get things looking just right every single morning. And though you could opt for eyebrow extensions, it’s still a fairly fussy process, as you have to get new hairs applied every couple weeks. Not to mention, you have to be very careful not to touch them. (How is that even possible?!)

Bottom line: The process isn’t cheap (it can cost up to $800 based on where you live), but the perfectly arched results can last you up to three years depending on your skin type and how much sun exposure you get. (Another reason to stay out of direct sunlight.) And apart from applying an antibacterial ointment on them for the first ten days, there’s no other maintenance involved. So yeah, eyebrow tattooing: You're growing on us.

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