This Neon Sunscreen Gives New Meaning to the Phrase ‘Fun in the Sun’

We totally get that slathering on sunscreen is super important, but let’s be real: It’s not exactly the most fun step in our morning routine. Enter Bare Republic’s new Neon Sunscreen Sticks.

The uber-vibrant sunscreens are anything but subtle, which makes them kind of a blast to apply. And Bare Republic isn’t joking about around with the word neon, either. Each of the six shades (Atomic Orange, Electric Blue, Punk-Rock Pink, Wicked Purple, Lightning Yellow and Goblin Green) is bright enough to show on any skin tone with just one swipe.

Even better is the fact that the mineral sunscreens offer broad-spectrum SPF 50 protection and are water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. Can they replace your regular daily sunscreen? Not unless you’re looking to rock a full face of Day-Glo every day (hey, you do you, girl). But they are a great way to inject some fun into otherwise humdrum skin protection. That is to say your Coachella experience just got even brighter (and more protected from the Cali rays).