Nécessaire Launches Their Cult-Favorite Natural Deodorant in Two New Scents

Remember when you first started wearing deodorant and the only two scents you really had to choose from were basically baby powder fresh and overpowering florals? Thankfully, we have so many more options available to us in 2020—both in terms of fragrance and formula.

Now, you can easily find natural deodorants that (gasp) actually work and smell like a fresh sprig of eucalyptus, as is the case with Nécessaire's cult-favorite deodorant, which launched earlier this year. After the initial success of their aforementioned eucalyptus deo, the minimalist body-care brand has since added a sandalwood and fragrance-free option to the lineup.

Described as a "multi-mineral and multi-acid treatment that deodorizes, protects and provides comfort for the under arms," the clean formula skips aluminum and baking soda in favor of mandelic and lactic acids (to neutralize odor) and kaolin, silica and zinc (to keep you dry).

The creamy formula glides on easily and dries to a clear finish without leaving behind any clumps or streaks. If you've been on the hunt for a good natural deodorant, give this one a try (along with their body lotion, which is a staff favorite).

Note: The sandalwood deodorant is currently available as a pre-order and will ship 7/31.

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