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Guys, we’ve officially survived winter. And though it will be another few weeks before we can lose the tights and break out the sandals, we can start brightening things up with some fresh colors on our tips. Here, the springy nail polish shades we’re most excited to wear.

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Pearlescent Whites

When entering a new season, a cool white polish is the ultimate palette cleanser, but it runs the risk of coming off a bit stark or gaudy. A cloudy gold, however, has a bit of warmth to it and feels more elevated. 

Smith & Cult ($18)

Soft Corals

Inspired by sunny days and dreamy sunsets in Baja, California, Essie’s “Excuse Me Sir” is the perfect example of a transitional shade to take you through the awkward first weeks of spring (when it’s still cold—and you’re still pale) and later on in the season when you’re (finally) starting to get some color back. 

Essie ($9)

Subtle Lilacs

Purple for people who hate purple, an unassuming lilac is a touch more sophisticated. And why even consider purples if you’re not into them? They’re much more saturated than an expected pink that could wash you out (especially if you’re pale).

Londontown ($16)

Rich Bubblegums

If you’re looking for a quintessential spring shade, a vibrant pink really is the best. Building off the point we made above: You’ll want to find a hue that goes on opaque and glossy to avoid looking washed out. (Cue instant tan.)

OPI ($13)

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Moody Nudes

The key to (ahem) nailing a nude manicure this time of year is finding a shade that has a bit more depth to it. Too light and you might as well not be wearing anything. Too dark and it will look unseasonal. A sandy taupe is just right (and reminds us of the beaches we’ll soon be walking on). 

Deborah Lippmann ($20)

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Lime Greens

Confession: We picked up this novel shade more out of amusement than anything else, but we were pleasantly surprised by how flattering it looked on our fingertips. In fact, the boldness of the color made it feel more like statement jewelry than just a regular old manicure. 

Butter London ($10)

Powder Blues

While saturated pastels seem to be the trend of the season, there’s still room for a faint yet crisp blue. Something about the shade makes us feel calmer just looking at it. It’s the perfect way to usher in spring.

Jin Soon ($18)

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