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Myleik Teele

Meet the Curlbox creator with a must-listen podcast

Flash back to the subscription service revival in 2011. At the time, Myleik Teele was spending more than $100 a month in search of a product that would tame her hair after making the choice not to use relaxers. “I heard about a product at Whole Foods and drove 30 minutes each way to buy it for $40 because everyone swore by it,” the Atlanta-based entrepreneur says. “I tried it and it didn’t work. It was a reminder that what works for one person doesn’t work for all.”

That’s when the wheels in Myleik’s head began to turn and her background in PR kicked in: She’d launch her own subscription service called CurlBOX with samples for women looking for easy access to amazing products for natural hair care. 

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But that’s not all. When Myleik started her beauty brand, she also kicked off a podcast called My Taught You to chronicle the trials and tribulations of building her own business. “In the beginning, I would get 20 listeners a month,” she remembers. “Last year, I got over two and a half million downloads.” The foresight she had to document her journey—and encourage others to pursue their career goals—only amplified her brand. Six years later, Myleik has ten CurlBOX employees (and counting) and promises there’s a lot more to come.

On how social media led her to launch her podcast. “Eight years ago, I moved to Atlanta and got a job as the assistant to Kim Zolciak on Real Housewives of Atlanta just in time for the second season of the show. I had a Twitter account and people were just blazing me up and totally critical every time I made an appearance. I started fighting back. Eventually, I began to turn my enemies into fans and they wanted to hear more. They said ‘do a podcast’ and sent me a link to Podomatic, so I decided to give it a go.”

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On the hardest part of being the boss. “The year we launched, I had so much going on. Our business took off right away and we grew 1,900 percent in the first year. But if you ship 1,000 boxes out, it’s inevitable that five are going to be lost forever and five might arrive damaged or ripped. People would get on social media and report all this: ‘It’s lost. It’s damaged. It’s stolen.’ It was hard, and I felt personally responsible. I started going to therapy and still go every Tuesday like it’s a nail appointment. It helps me process things and take a step back.”

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On the beauty trick she swears by. “I swear by head wraps. When my hair is a mess, I just pull it back and clip in ten bang tracks. Then, I put a head wrap around it—I love the ones from The Wrap Life—and, boom, my hair looks really cute.”

On the off-the-job skill that helped her career. “I ran track competitively from age eight to 18. When I was 15, our relay team broke the record for the fastest mile—we ran it in three minutes and 45 seconds—and it’s yet to be broken. I always think about the reason for our success because, individually, every girl on our team was not the fastest. But we had such good chemistry. If someone ran slower than usual, the next person just automatically picked it up. It was all about teamwork.”

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On how she always channels confidence. “Every morning, I try to read something positive. A quick quote or something motivational and I just use that to guide my day.”