I’m a Beauty Editor & These Are the 5 Products I Always Pack in My Carry-On

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Any fellow light packers out there? Whether it’s for a two-day getaway or a two-week vacation, whatever I’m bringing with me must fit in my carry-on—no exceptions. That said, given my occupation, I’ve definitely overpacked beauty products on more than one occasion. (Like, really girl, you’re going to wear five different shades of lipstick in one weekend? And do multiple face masks? Yeah, OK.) Thankfully, I’ve learned to streamline things, so everything I bring actually gets used and takes up the least amount of space in my suitcase. Without further ado, here are the five beauty products I, as a beauty editor, never travel without.

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1. Lumify Eye Drops

Dry cabin air + early flight time = bloodshot eyes. Luckily, these drops clear things up immediately without causing any stinging or burning. Also, the name makes me smile because it sounds like a Harry Potter spell (which it might as well be considering how magical the results are).

2. Noshinku Rejuvenating Travel Size Hand Sanitizer

Since the pandemic, I’ve become a bit of a hand sanitizer connoisseur (fine...snob). Of the many options I’ve tried, this credit card-sized spray from Noshinku is my favorite. The slender size makes it easy to fit into any purse or back pocket without adding bulk and the sanitizer itself is made from 70 percent pharma-grade ethyl alcohol and conditioning ingredients like aloe, jojoba and argan to keep your hands from drying out. Plus, the lavender scent is welcome (especially when you catch a seat right next to the bathroom).

3. Goop Goopgenes Hand Cream

Speaking of dry hands, I’d like to point you to this luxurious hand cream, which basically lives in my purse (and on my desk and the cup holder in my car). The rich formula is loaded with nourishing butters like bacuri, cupuaçu and shea to smooth over every rough patch or peeling cuticle, yet it somehow never feels greasy on your skin.

4. Tower28 Beach Please Lip + Cheek Cream Blush

This multitasking cream color is the rare two-in-one that is as good a blush as it is a lip tint. It has a dreamy texture that melts into your skin with a few taps and it packs a surprising amount of pigment. On that note: The color comes on strong at first, so start with a light hand and blend before adding more.

5. Klorane Dry Shampoo With Nettle

What is it about airplanes that makes your hair feel so greasy? I mean, I guess it’s the recycled air and the headrest being smushed against the back of your head for hours...anyway, whatever the reason, this travel-sized bottle of this dry shampoo has come in handy many times throughout the years. The French pharmacy brand has several different formulas in their lineup (including tinted options for darker hair), but my go-to is this one with nettle because it really goes after the excess oils.

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