Matte Nails: The Manicure That Works on Literally Everyone

Lately we've been seeing a lot of matte manicures. On Instagram. On our chicest colleagues (and strangers on the subway). On Pinterest. Everywhere, matte manicures. To confirm our suspicions, Pinterest just released its Pinstyle Report, and guess what's included as a top trend for fall? Hint: It's the opposite of shiny. All you need is the right polish (or topcoat) to transform any color—no other styling experience necessary. Here, eight ways to try it yourself.

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Black Matte

Pair short, squared-off tips with muted black polish for a refined but still edgy look.  

Almond Matte

Or keep the look soft and feminine with long, rounded tips in a neutral shade. 

Matte With Gold Stripes

Matte nails meet shiny gold lines. Your handshakes just got that much more impressive.

Color-blocked Matte

A multicolored mani could easily look excessive. Add a matte topcoat, however, and it's somehow more suitable for grown women.

Split-color Matte

Better yet, stick to evenly split lines of color for more (ahem) polish—and the illusion of longer nails. 

Polka-dot Matte

Step one: Start with a matte base color. Step two: Add glossy embellishments in the same shade.  

Matte And Metallic

Aka a match made in heaven.

Matte Triangles

Bottom line: A matte topcoat can transform any manicure, any design or any shade—in one swipe.

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