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First, there was spray-on nail polish. Revolutionary in its own right, it still required a little cleanup afterward. Now Ciaté is upping the ante with mani markers?which are every bit as glorious but even easier to use. Here?s the deal.

What mani markers are: Just like they sound: nail polish packaged in a user-friendly and portable pen. The thick, angled tip makes it insanely easy to coat your nails in glossy, opaque pigment without getting any color on surrounding skin. 

How to use them: Give the marker a good shake. Then slowly press the tapered tip down onto clean, dry nails to release the polish. Make sure to use firm, even pressure from cuticle to tip to prevent any streaking. Let nails dry for a few minutes before sealing in the color with your regular topcoat and going about your day. 

Where to get them: The markers are $12 each and come in five shades?from a classic red to a cobalt blue. Unsurprisingly, the pens are currently sold out, but keep an eye on the brand?s site as it restocks regularly.

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