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In the old days, the only way to make a noticeable change in your face was a full-on facelift. Today, there’s no need to jump right into such drastic measures, when you can make little tweaks in less time (and hassle) than it takes to get your hair highlighted. Here are our favorite bang-for-your-buck procedures in Los Angeles.

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Athletes and crazed spin devotees have been exposing their bodies to chambers of -220 degrees Fahrenheit in the name of quicker muscle recovery, increased metabolism and an all-around perkier feeling for a while now. Now the doctor who introduced the therapy to the States has debuted a cryofacial ($45) that blasts a concentrated, super-cold air stream at your face, jump-starting your circulation while decreasing inflammation and fine lines.

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Eyebrows are the frames of your face. But if you got tweezer happy with them in the ’90s, you might not have too much to work with. It’s easier when you just spring for the two-hour sesh of brow tattooing called microblading. This semi-permanent procedure lasts around two to three years, is relatively painless (brows are just a bit tender post-application) and looks completely natural. At Microblading L.A., it will cost $700, but you can volunteer to be a training model for only $300...if you’re brave like that.

Muscle Lift

Do you like your face, but wish it were a half-inch higher up? The Muscle Lift at Kate Somerville ($180) zaps tiny bits of electrical current into your brows, the apples of your cheeks and around the jawline. You’ll notice a perkier face immediately (it’s a popular pre-red carpet treatment), and the lifting effects last a month or longer.

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Eyelash Extensions

Sorry, but we don’t have the skill set required to shop, apply and maintain our own false eyelashes. So we’re devoted to Makeup Mandy, where faux mink lashes are individually applied to each of your natural lashes ($325), and they last for as long as your eyelash growth cycle (usually six to eight weeks). You will never feel more liberated than when you realize you don’t have to rub your eyes sore to remove mascara or apply it in the morning.

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Still the gold standard in eliminating forehead lines, Botox is all about who is behind the needle. Ask your doctor to, one, preserve mobility while still freezing those frown lines, and, two, avoid injections below your eye line. Reasonable prices and careful communication with clients make us bullish on the Blue Medi Spa (from $225)—although you can always ask your surprisingly serene-looking friend where she gets hers done.

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Lip Filler

No matter how many Kylie Jenner lip kits you apply, you won’t get the same plumping power as just one appointment at a plastic surgeon’s office or medical spa. We had great results with Dr. Steven Ip, whose plastic surgery practice operates in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach and New York. He numbs your lip area then sculpts your pout (from $600) to your specifications using tiny injections of dermal filler. Then, he sends you on your way post-procedure with a tiny ice pack to soothe any minimal swelling.

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Restylane USA

Vampire Facial

As implied by the name, your own blood is used to replenish your face. Your skin immediately fills out, looking plumper and more youthful; in a week or so, there’s new collagen growth, making your skin firmer and rosier. Book an appointment ($750) with face-sculpting whiz Sylvia Silvestri, whose company, Beverly Hills R.N., trains health care professionals worldwide in the technique. Want even more instant youthfulness? Check out her vampire facelift (we tried it), which includes injections of dermal fillers such as Restylane along with your own platelets.

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