This Amazing Hair and Skin Oil Is Only $8 at Trader Joe's

We already go to TJ’s for their well-priced (and well-curated) selection of wine and cheese (have you had the Gouda?!), but recently we came across an unassuming bottle of oil in the beauty aisles that blew our minds. And for you ladies who don't live near a store, you can always buy it online for $11.

Meet jojoba oil: Like coconut oil, this natural wonder does it all--maybe even better because its composition is very similar to the sebum our bodies naturally produce. Meaning, it feels lighter on our skin and is far less likely to clog our pores.

How to use it: Douse a cotton round and sweep it across your face to melt away makeup. (Yes, even the waterproof stuff.) Then, press a few drops into your skin to soothe any dryness. Massage it into scraggly cuticles--and scaly knees and elbows. Or leave it on parched strands to make them silky again.

And relax, we’re not telling you to stop using your beloved coconut oil. Maybe just swap this in during those sticky summer months.