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I Tried Foundation Glue and Heres What Happened
Rachel Bowie

Meet the J.One Jelly Pack. Now you’re probably thinking, What the hell is a “jelly pack”? I definitely did. Sounds like a snack you carried in your lunch box as a kid, right?

When I first heard about it, a quick Google search only confused me more, as the varied descriptions for the stuff ranged from “makeup primer” to “moisturizer” to “makeup gripper” and—my personal favorite—“foundation glue.” And to be fair, it is all of those things.

You’re meant to apply it to freshly cleansed skin—in lieu of your regular serums and moisturizers, but before any sunscreen or foundation. (Your makeup will then layer on top of that.) So how does it feel? Well, it definitely plumps and softens, but the really cool thing is that it gives your face a noticeable lift. Seriously, another nickname for the Jelly Pack is “corset mask” because of how it instantly tightens up your face. I can personally attest to that.

My only warning about the multi-tasking product: When you first put it on, it feels really sticky—tacky, even, hence the “glue” reference. Don’t be turned off. Thirty seconds of vigorous patting and it will pretty much melt into your skin. It’s precisely this texture that makes your makeup last for hours without drying out or fading, so you look as fresh-faced at 6 p.m. as you did at 6 a.m.

Foundation glue: I’m stuck on you.

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