‘Iced Mocha’ Balayage Is Trending for Summer—Here’s Why Anyone Can Pull It Off

There’s been a high influx of purely blonde hair color trends recently (see: scandi and toasted coconut blondes), but the newest bronde (brunette/ blonde) color job has us wanting to ring our stylist stat. Introducing: “Iced Mocha Balayage,” which looks as pretty as its delicious name implies.

Gerilyn Ghaisarzadeh, an Orlando-based colorist, recently coined the name on Instagram… but how exactly does iced mocha differ from the other bronde hair trends we’ve seen this year?

Ghaisarzadeh recently told Allure that the iced mocha color was the result of trying to transform her client’s hair after extended hard water abuse (so, yes, it was a happy accident). She treated the hair for water damage with a special conditioning treatment, then waited a week before she went in to color the hair.

To achieve the look, she said she painted the blonde highlights on in a “foilyage technique” (painting on the color in shapes of V’s and W’s) to make sure the color was lifted. Then, after shampooing the hair, went in and blended it again. Once the color was processed, she blow-dried it and curled it to give the client Insta-approved beachy waves.

The result: Iced mocha, which looks like a perfectly blended and natural brown-to-blonde color, and the easy fade makes it perfect for anyone (yes, anyone!). Not only is the dye job a great way for brunettes to slowly transition to blonde, or to give themselves a little bit of summer-inspired dimension, it’s also super low-maintenance. The icing on the cake iced mocha? There’s no need to follow up at the salon with this color, since the roots will grow in naturally and leave the blonde still looking fresh (with some occasional toning and purple shampoo, of course).  

After you get your iced mocha hair, maybe you'll consider getting a real iced mocha to celebrate having dimensional, effortless color. (Too much?)

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