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Acne sucks. All the time. But it's especially troublesome in the summer because we can no longer hide behind sleeves and scarves. On the bright side, the fix for treating spots on your back is usually much easier than, say, dealing with hormonal zits along your chin. Let us clarify.

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On Your Neck

If you're constantly finding bumps along the sides and back of your neck, check your hair products. Generally speaking, thicker, oil-based products that contain ingredients like silicone or petroleum can cause breakouts, but to really identify the culprit, slowly eliminate them from your routine one by one. In the meantime, tie your hair back whenever you exercise or sleep. It minimizes direct contact between your strands and skin.


On Your Chest

This is better known as sports-bra acne because it's most commonly caused by sweaty gym clothes. After working out (or even a particularly muggy commute), shower as soon as possible so bacteria doesn't get trapped on your skin. And if you don't have time to shower, change out of your damp clothes and wipe down those areas with some salicylic or glycolic pads.

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On Your Arms

Hello, chicken skin. If the backs of your arms feel rough and bumpy, use a lotion with lactic acid in it to gently exfoliate dead cells, while also moisturizing the surrounding area. Prefer a home remedy? Get thee a tub of sour cream.


On Your Back

Two words for you: body wash. But not just any ol' stuff. Look for one with salicylic acid in the formula (which helps to unclog pores) and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing so the active ingredients have time to properly do their job. Also, consider washing your bedsheets more frequently during the warmer months as we all tend to be a little sweatier then.  


On Your Butt

Make sure you’re wearing the right underwear. Cotton is better than silk or nylon as the fabric is more breathable. And—you probably know what’s coming—give yourself a break from those daily Lululemon leggings. They're meant for spin class—not for lounging around in all day afterward. You’re better off wearing some breezy culottes or a dress. 

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