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A Super-Easy Eyeliner Trick to Make You Look More Awake

There are many tricks of the trade when it comes to makeup. Some are passing fads or a tad too fussy for everyday wear (hello, contouring), while others are so easy and impactful that they change the way we get ready forever—like tightlining, an eyeliner technique that’s simple to execute and super effective at making your eyes pop.

What you need: A soft, waterproof eyeliner pencil in a navy blue or indigo color.

What you do: Use your finger to gently pull up your upper eyelid. Then take your liner, start in the inner corner and sketch along the underside of your lashes (where the roots are) in small, back-and-forth motions until you reach the outer corners of your eyes. Note: You want to deposit the pigment where your lashes start—not on the water line (the thin sliver of skin that rims your peepers), which can make your eyes water and cause smudging.

Why it works: Anyone who has ever wielded an eyeliner pencil knows that it's infuriatingly difficult to get right every time. Tightlining is much easier to do since you're drawing a series of short strokes as opposed to one long swoop. And because the pigment is so close to the lash line, it frames your eyes subtly—making it the perfect go-to look for when you don't want to seem too done up. Plus, the navy-blue shade makes the whites of your eyes look brighter.

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