How to Test Perfume at the Store
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So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and switch up your scent? Nice! But you’re overwhelmed by the million and one fragrances at the store counter. And once they all start to blend together during your sniff test, it’s enough to make a gal give up and fall back on her ol’ faithful. Fear not: We have a trick on how to test perfume the right way.

What you do:

When sampling new fragrances, spray the scents onto those little tester papers. Take a good whiff. Next, instead of dunking your face into a vat of coffee beans to clear your nasal passages, smell the inside of your arm. Then move on to the next fragrance.

Why it works:

Your skin smells completely neutral to you, so sniffing it in between spritzes diffuses any odors left in your nose and makes it easier to discern different aromas. 

That’s it?

Yep, no more dizzying dark roasts. (Like you were carrying around extra coffee beans anyway…)

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