There is always that one colleague who swans into the office with impossibly silky hair—and somehow, it stays that way no matter how much she runs around or what the weather is doing. And while it’s entirely possible that she’s just blessed with an amazing head of hair, it’s also likely that she has a few tricks up her sleeve. Here, eight secrets of women who never seem to have frizzy hair.

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They use a different kind of shampoo

A lot of drugstore shampoos contain detergents that can wreak havoc on hair texture. Ditch the stripping suds for a cleansing cream instead. This gentler alternative saves time by doing two jobs—cleansing and conditioning—in one step, while keeping your hair’s natural oils intact, says Anessa Kivinski, owner and head stylist at Headdress Hair Salon in New York City.

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They choose the right styling products

Not even those with the most perfect hair woke up like that. Ladies with shiny locks still likely use serums or oils (on fine hair) or richer creams (for thick or curly strands). Make sure to apply from the ears down to ward off midday grease and smooth it on while hair is still wet so it doubles as heat protectant.

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They apply less heat

By letting their hair air-dry most of the way before blasting it with a blow-dryer (on a cool setting) until all of the moisture is gone. Keep the nozzle pointing downward to ensure the smoothest finish.

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They seal all those products in

With an anti-humidity or finishing spray that will lock in sleek styles and create a barrier against the elements. Rest assured, these newer formulas are nothing like the sticky, crunchy sprays your mom used to cover you in before dance recitals.

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They might even dabble in additional treatments

Like a weekly mask. If you have extra-dry hair, keep it properly hydrated to tame frizz. Fine-haired ladies should reach for hot-oil or pre-shampoo treatments that nourish strands without weighing them down. Medium- to thick-haired gals can use creamier masks. Regardless of your hair type, make sure you let the mask absorb for a few minutes (this might be a good time to finally shave your legs) before rinsing it out.

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They ditch their old towels

And swap them for microfiber ones instead, which are softer and produce far less friction than terry cloth or cotton. Then be sure to blot—not rub—hair. (The latter physically roughs up the cuticle and causes fuzz.)

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They sleep on silk

We’re the first to admit that a silk pillowcase is a bit extravagant, but the endless good hair days? And the countless hours saved from wielding a blow-dryer every morning? Well, that’s priceless.

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They eat a lot of fat

The good kind (omega-3s) that comes from foods like avocados, salmon and tuna. Up your intake of these to strengthen brittle strands and bring some much needed moisture to your hair and scalp. (Your nails will also thank you in the process.)

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