Everyone gets gray hairs at some point in her life. And whether it’s a few salt-and-pepper pieces or a full head of silvery strands, here is your guide to making sure it always looks its best.

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Get a Blue (or Purple) Shampoo
And use it in place of your regular shampoo once or twice a week. The tinted formula counteracts any yellow tones that start to set in.

Use a Weekly Deep Conditioner
Gray hair tends to feel a bit dry and coarse. To help keep strands smooth, coat your hair in a moisturizing mask or treatment once a week.

gray hair dye
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Be Strategic About Your Hair Color
If you’re just starting to go gray, you can get some highlights to help blend the lighter pieces together with the rest of your hair so the contrast isn’t as stark. Another option is to get a semi- or demi-permanent color, which will naturally start to fade within a month.

Know When (and How) to Touch Up Your Roots
When dyeing your hair at home, always start at the front of your hairline and along the part, as these areas tend to be more stubborn. Then—only every few touch-ups, so as not to overprocess—bring the color through the lengths and ends.

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Get a Clean Cut
Make sure that your stylist always uses scissors and not a razor to cut or trim your hair. The latter can cause the ends to fray, which, in addition to weakening your strands, can make things look a tad unruly—something you definitely want to avoid with the aforementioned coarse texture. 

Use the Right Styling Products
A shine spray or serum—particularly one with UV protectant—is your best friend. Use it every day before styling to keep your hair hydrated and shielded from the sun (which can bring on the brass). Skip any heavy gels, pomades or waxes. They tend to sit on the surface of gray hairs and make them look dull.

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