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Finally! How to Style Your Bangs So They’re Not Weird and Poufy
Rune Hellestad – Corbis/Getty Images

Styling your bangs is always a gamble. Blow them out with a round brush and you end up with ’80s pageant hair. Dry them straight and they stick to your head. Thankfully, after many years of practice (and plenty of bad hair days along the way), we finally got it down to a science.

What you need: A can of volumizing mousse, your blow-dryer and your fingers (no brushes).

What you do: Timing is everything when it comes to your bangs. You want to start styling them as soon as you get out of the shower so they don’t have the chance to settle into place. After wringing out any excess water, work a golf ball-sized amount of mousse through your full head of hair from root to tip. Then, using your fingers, brush your bangs from one side to the other repeatedly while blasting them with heat until they’re completely dry. (If you have a particularly stubborn cowlick, do the steps above and then pin them to the left side for a few minutes. Remove the pins and repeat on the right.)

Why it works: The mousse provides a little extra lift and hold, and moving the pieces from side to side allows them to maintain their natural shape as they dry. What you end up with are perfectly polished bangs that have just the right amount of bend to them.

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