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We get it: Come winter, there’s a lot less incentive to shave your legs. (Hey, what’s the point if you’re just going to cover them up with tights?) Still, winterizing your routine can go a long way when it comes to reducing dryness and protecting your skin. Here, four tiny ways to tweak your approach.

1. Exfoliate first. Rub your loofah in a circular motion down your calves to slough off dead skin. It’s the best way to give your razor a totally clean slate.

2. Only shave at the end of your shower. This way your bathroom gets extra steamy, which can soften coarse leg hair and reduce sensitivity when your skin is parched.

3. Run your razor under water for at least ten seconds first. You want the blades to have plenty of moisture before they hit your dryer-than-usual legs.

4. Swap your shave gel for cream. Cream-based products (like this one from EOS) soften the skin far more than a water-based gel. Remember, the more moisture, the better—especially in the winter months.

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