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God bless Keratin treatments for reviving our frizzy and unmanageable manes. But, here’s the thing: Getting the whole shebang--from roots to tips--definitely stings the old wallet, especially when most times only a portion of your hair needs the help. That’s why this beauty work-around is genius.

What you do: When you book an appointment for a Keratin treatment, let the salon know that you actually only need a portion of your hair (like your crazy cowlick or frizzy bangs) smoothed out.

How much it costs: A fraction of the price, obviously. It takes a lot less time to seal and smooth said cowlick or bangs than your entire head. Just be sure you mention your plans to only do a portion up front when you book so there’s absolutely no confusion.

Whoa, your hair looks gorge! Even better, you now have spare change to splurge on some complementary sunnies

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