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Late nights; allergies; a good, cleansing cry…there are many possible culprits for puffy eyes but only one simple solution. (OK, perhaps there is more than one way to treat them, but we promise this is the most fun.)

What you need: Two silicone makeup sponges, a Ziploc bag and your favorite eye cream.

What you do: Drop the sponges into the Ziploc bag and place it in the freezer for ten minutes (while you brew some coffee and contemplate taking a sick day). Next, tap on a light layer of eye cream (let some of it stay on the surface) and grab your freshly chilled sponges. Recline your head back and place one sponge over each eye. Relax for a couple minutes, and then—almost done—use the sponges to massage the rest of the eye cream in.

Why it works: Much like when you use chilled cucumber slices to de-puff your peepers, the cold helps to bring down any swelling. (Not to mention it’s less, ahem, cumbersome, since you no longer have to cut up cukes to get the job done.) The eye cream is part of the process to give the sponges extra slip (so they don’t tug on your skin) and moisture (i.e., a good, healthy quenching).

We’re told that Pati Dubroff (who tends to A-listers like Kate Bosworth and Priyanka Chopra) preps her clients for red carpets this way. Pretty sure we’ve never seen those ladies puffy-eyed once, so…we’re sold.

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