How to Beef Up a Thin Ponytail in 3 Steps
Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Expectation: A bouncy, lush ponytail that rivals a prized Thoroughbred's mane. Reality: A limp noodle of hair that falls flat the second you put it up. Luckily, we've picked up a few handy tricks over the years that will give you the boost you need. 

Step 1. Spritz your roots with a volumizing dry texture spray.

Step 2. Backcomb individual sections of hair, starting at the mid-lengths and working toward the roots before gathering everything into a loose ponytail at the crown of your head and securing it with a tie.

Step 3. Double up on the hair ties to give it a little extra lift. You can also prop it up by looping two bobby pins through the bottom. Look at that volume. 

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